I bet it's got a very "warm" sound

A long long time ago, in a galaxy far far...  Oh, sorry, wrong story. Just wanted to say "Hi" to all you Star Wars fans out there.

Once upon a time...   I decided I just had to get me a cheap and cheerful strat. Just to be able to say that I own a strat, not just a bunch of basses. And so it happend that I found a cheap Squire Strat for sale. Nothing special, standard black painted body with a white pickguard. And naturally it had all the "symptoms" of a cheap guitar. The neck needed some adjustment, a few high frets here and there, a poorly filed nut and a lousy string tree. So I decided to tear it apart and have some serious maintenance done, Including a new paintjob, better string trees, fret leveling and crowning, new nut, a new pearloid pickguard, new aluminum foil shielding of the cavities, etc. Put it all together again and the playability was so much better.

However, I wasn't really satisfied with the paintjob, so a year later I decided to do something about it. I knew it would be a pain in the butt to sand all that paint off down to the bare wood, so I got this idea of burning it away.

I removed everything from the body and went to the shed and digged out the good old blowtorch.

So the body ended up pretty scourged with a lot of paint residue that had to be brushed off with a brass brush and some sanding.

The aluminum tape took some serious damage from the heat, so that had all to be removed and renewed. After that there was nothing special to do about it, some oil and a few coats of antique wax on it and time to put it all together again.

Well, at least this ended up being a very uniqe guitar, that's for shure.

This guitar was sold in 2019.