I always wondered what a bass body made out of ordinary pine would sound like. Warmoth has some sugar pine in stock, check out their newsletter here; Warmoth Newslatter - Sugar Pine Bodies. I cut it into shape back in the days when I was building "Black Pearl" and "Willow", and the body blank had been stored inside for proper drying for years.

So when it finally was high time to start a new build I decided to make 2 builds at the same time, just as I did with "Black Pearl" and "Willow". One with this maple body ("Heavy Metal") and the other with a pine body (the "Silver Surfer").

Time to lay down some specs;

Construction: 5-str. bolt-on
Scale Length: 810mm (32")
Strings: Warvick 45-105
Tuners: Dixon (Chrome)
Bridge: Warvick (Chrome)
Frets: Dunlop 6310

Neck wood: Birch (3-piece)
Body wood: Pine (2-piece)
Fretboard wood: Wenge
Pickups: MEC DC
Preamp: Artec SE-3

I had a brand new Warvick bridge laying around that had never been used, so I decided to put the "investment" to better use. However I not very fond of the tailpiece that these bridges come with, so I decided to skip the tailpiece and do a strings-through-body instead.

As any woodworker knows, pine contains resin, and that resin in is prone to leak out of the wood over time. Thats why I put two coats of knotting laquer on it, to retard resin staining and seepage of the resin. The body was then sprayed with primer, a few coats of alkyd based spray paint. The color is something between silver and gold, a good name for it might be "champagne".


So how does it sound? Below some MP3 sound clips I recorded by plugging the bass straight into my PreSonus Audiobox 44VSL soundcard.

Both Pickups:

Neck pickup:

Bridge pickup: